Vinyasa flow

Relax & Lengthen

Vinyasa flow is categorized as a soulful, fun & strength building sequence for all levels.

Relax and lengthen is a flexibility focused class. Learn techniques, tips, tricks, the ins and outs of lengthening your muscles as well and reap the relaxing benefits of an evening stretching routine. R&L is calm and relaxing stretching class. Perfect for beginners, pregnancy, seniors or anyone looking for a gentle & low impact 60 min class.


Most people don't take a weekly restorative class or routine while everyone can benefit from this class. While beneficial and relaxing for your body, it induces the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Our 60-minute restorative class is encouraged for all levels.

Photo by laflor/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by laflor/iStock / Getty Images