Vinyasa flow

Relax & Lengthen

Vinyasa flow is categorized as a soulful, fun & strength building sequence for all levels. 75 min class

Relax and lengthen is a flexibility focused class. Learn techniques, tips, tricks, the ins and outs of lengthening your muscles as well and reap the relaxing benefits of an evening stretching routine. *Not recommended for pregnant women 20+ weeks gestation, due to relaxin hormone in her body.

Gentle Stretch

Gentle Stretch is a calm and relaxing stretching class. Perfect for beginners, pregnancy, seniors or anyone looking for a gentle & low impact 60 min class.


90 percent of people should take a weekly restorative yoga class, yet 90 percent of Americans don't. While beneficial and relaxing for your body, it induces the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Our 60-minute restorative class is encouraged for all levels.

Photo by laflor/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by laflor/iStock / Getty Images